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Interns travel, lead, and produce ALL ABOUT KIDS PRODUCTIONS (AAKP) camps — high energy, Bible-centered, performing arts day camps for children entering grades 2-8.

2022 Camps have been canceled due to Covid 19


Internship Title:
Children’s Performing Arts Production Team

Positions Available:
Team lead
Production team member

What This Internship Offers:

  • Leadership Training – Learn and develop team and program leadership skills
  • Directing/Teaching/Coaching – Gain valuable training and hands on experience
  • Production – Work with 300 children and 60-75 professional and volunteer staff
  • Production Experience – Produce six shows with audiences of 150-350
  • Stage – Learn how to block, transition, and manage the stage
  • Lighting – Learn how to light a stage and then do it in six venues
  • Photography – Learn how to take and edit a great photo
  • Video Projection – Learn how to work with video projection software
  • Time Management – Learn how to prioritize and maximize every day
  • Stress Management – Learn to manage the pressures of a weekly show
  • Rehearsal Pacing – Learn how to get the most out of rehearsals
  • Teams – Learn and experience what it takes to make a team great
  • Public Relations – Live and learn the importance of good public relations
  • Ministry – Learn to recognize ministry opportunities and apply Truth
  • Travel – AAKP camps are produced in multiple states

Internship Description:
Interns travel, lead, and produce ALL ABOUT KIDS PRODUCTIONS (AAKP) camps — high energy, Bible centered, performing arts day camps for children entering grades 2-8. The internship consists of a two week training camp and the production of six AAKP camps held in local churches in multiple states.

Team members will cross train to become thoroughly familiar with all aspects of production, and will teach/co-teach music, drama, choreography, and dance. Teams will be responsible for all facets of production, including lighting, sets, wardrobe, photography, daily videos, and Friday night front of house operations.

LAMPLIGHT ARTISTS’ headquarters are in Charles Town, WV. Training camp will be held in facilities located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Teams will then travel and partner with local churches, each team producing six ALL ABOUT KIDS PRODUCTIONS camps.

Sunday, 3-6 PM; Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM, plus The Friday Night Show; Saturday is a travel day

Housing, meals, travel between camps, and a stipend paid in full at the end of the summer. Interns will be responsible for travel to the training facility, travel during breaks, and travel home at the end of the summer (from Charles Town, WV).

General Qualifications:

  1. Background and skills in music, drama, or dance
  2. Organizational skills, some computer skills
  3. Interest in photography is a plus (training is provided)
  4. Interns must be maturing Christians, actively involved in a local church. They must be self-directed, have problem solving capabilities, and be team oriented. They must maintain personal discipline, dedication, and a positive attitude.



Team Specific Qualifications:

  1. Team Leads are professionals, graduate or college students with experience in music education, theatre, or musical theatre.
  2. Production team members are professionals or college students (incoming freshmen welcome). Experience and/or training in the arts or tech field a plus. Current student in performance art education a plus.  Experience working with elementary school students a plus.

Team Roles and Assignments:

  1. Team lead:  The Team Lead will oversee all aspects of performance training and final production on a weekly basis.  They will provide general oversight to the team schedule.
  2. Production team member: Team members will be responsible for leading or co-leading specific disciplines and assisting in all aspects of the weekly camp.
  3. In addition to artistic responsibilities, team members will share responsibilities in team travel, on location camp registration, weekly finance reports,  photography, picture sales, and all Friday Night front of house operations.   Training will be provided.