“The folks at Lamplight Artists Productions have a huge vision of bringing the performing arts to children in the local church. They are Biblically sound, professionally competent, and overwhelmingly enthusiastic.”

My experience with All About Kids Productions far exceeded my expectations. Their method of grouping the kids to draw on their strengths worked beautifully. It created a smooth flowing production that resulted in an exciting end of the week show.

The leaders were very well organized and extremely adept at keeping the kids captivated…the kids didn’t even realize they were learning! My son prefers the ‘great outdoors’ to the arts, but after a few day of this camp he was asking me if he could do it again next year!

I wholeheartedly recommend All About Kids Productions. The first summer we had them come to our church we were not sure what to expect. After the first 20 minutes with the campers, it was apparent that the team was “top-shelf” and knew how to connect with the kids. Our students looked forward to every moment of the camp: acting, dancing, singing…even the boys loved it! It was an awesome week for everyone, volunteers and campers.

We had a great time as volunteers working with All About Kids Productions. They really spent time helping us understand our role as leaders with the campers and made it a lot of fun for all of us. Not only did the campers learn a lot, but the volunteers who were involved learned more about how to teach and lead kids.

We had a great week! Energetic, fun and flexible instructors kept the kid’s minds and bodies in high gear. The camp was one of the easiest week-long events we’ve ever undertaken, even our volunteers said it was fun and easy and that they’d do it again.

We met our goal of having 50% of the kids in attendance from our community and several have been back because of their positive experience with AAKP. The performance? The house was full and everyone left with smiles! What more needs to be said?

The children who attended AAKP at our church learned so much … about music and interpretive movement. The [AAKP team members] were able to keep the children’s attention and control yet maintain the objectives of the week, teaching the program and developing relationships with the children. I would recommend AAKP at your church this year to see your children “come out of the box” and enjoy music. It is an excellent opportunity for children to lead in worship!

All About Kids Productions has been a blessing to the kids of our community. Over the past five years we have had over 350 kids involved in this program. They have come from [our church] and many others. Our church kids bring their friends.

We are so thankful for the leadership All About Kids Productions bring. The children are energized and challenged from the first moments they enter the doors in the morning. They are encouraged spiritually and artistically

The excitement that is generated daily in music and drama is electrifying! I saw children who were shy on the first day turn into positive and creative individuals by the end of the week. Kids came daily with smiles on their faces and were eager to learn. I really enjoyed being a part of the volunteer staff. I was truly blessed in many ways.