High-Energy, Bible-centered, and Community Focused!


Designed for kids who are entering grades two through eight, ALL ABOUT KIDS PRODUCTIONS is a high-energy, kid-oriented performing arts day camp. Music, acting, stage movement and dance are combined with Bible study, hands-on instruction, plenty of laughter, and just the right amount of hard work to create an awesome week of challenge and growth. Kids learn Biblical principles for life’s choices as they enjoy a great week in the performing arts!

Bible Lessons

buddiesCreative and interactive Bible studies prepared on a kid’s level lay the foundations for helping kids understand the Biblical truths they are exploring throughout the week. Concepts are reinforced through artistic expression; practical applications help kids think about everyday life choices.


From up-tempo, energetic music to strong melodic ballads, the music helps build strong foundations for truth. Singing, acting, and dancing to music brings lyrics to life, helping kids to remember and internalize truths learned.

Theatre Games

Drama games are an important part of our program and are used as building blocks. They teach performance skills, build confidence, fuel friendships, enable the kids to grow as an ensemble and help release the imagination to get the creative juices flowing. Kids have a blast!

Acting and Stage Movement

three-lightsWhat kid hasn’t reenacted some funny moment in slow motion, or used exaggerated movements to liven up a story? Or who hasn’t started to dance when a favorite song is played (when no one is looking, maybe?)? It’s as natural as it is fun! Acting, choreographed movement, and dance are great teaching tools as well.

In addition to the Biblical truths and encouragement kids receive at an AAKP camp, these are some of the things they can learn through acting training they will carry for a lifetime …

  • Confidence
  • Focus and concentration
  • Learning to listen actively
  • Looking people in the eye when they talk to them
  • Gaining a deeper respect for their peers and elders
  • Learning to think on their feet – Improvisation
  • Increased ability to interview well
  • Communication with friends
  • Getting in touch with how they are feeling
  • Speech articulation and enunciation

Production Camp Schedule

3 – 5 PM
Monday – Thursday
9 AM – 3 PM
9 AM – 2 PM; 7 – 8 PM The Friday Night Show