“Very organized, very professional, great show!”

“What an awesome experience! Our boys have had so much fun. The [AAKP team] has been wonderful, creating a great Christian environment for the children to learn and have fun. Thank you for providing such an enriching opportunity that was not too expensive.”

What a delightfully energetic program — well organized, God-centered, and all around wonderful!”

“Lamplight awesome!!!! That’s all that needs to be said. You guys are the best!!!”

“Not one morning have I heard ‘can I sleep a little longer?’”

“This has been such an amazing experience for my son! It is so well run and professional, with a completely Christ-centered theme! Thank you! It’s a wonderful ministry!”“My daughter came in ‘apathetic’ and ended the week ‘exuberant!’“My son Austin had a wonderful time this week. He has attended several camps this summer (Boy Scouts, VBS, Adventure Week) and was by far the most excited about this one!! He is already talking about next summer. Thank you all for a great week and God Bless!”

“It was a great experience in both artistic and spiritual realms.”

“My children enjoyed being with other kids in a creative setting.”

“My kids have loved camp this week. They didn’t even complain about getting up early every morning. They are looking forward to doing it again next year. Keep up the great work.”

“I have been blown away by the professionalism of the staff … I expected a good week but it has been a fantastic week that has put the love of music and drama in the hearts of my boys.”

“My daughter has enjoyed the week immensely. She has been so encouraged by your leadership. I’ve been impressed with your organization, creativity, and enthusiasm.”

“My girls had a fantastic week! They enjoyed your arts-with-energy approach with its Biblical message. The instructors were so well organized. Thank you to them for sharing their passion for Christ!”

“We would definitely recommend this camp to others and hope to participate again!”

My daughter has greatly enjoyed the camp and is sad that it is over! It has been a wonderful experience [in] discipleship — the content of the Bible study, music, and artistic forms; the example set by the leaders; and the teamwork of learning and performing with the other children.”

“This camp is an excellent value for the money. The Bible studies are great, and the programming is wonderful every year.”

“The kids were very excited each day. They couldn’t wait to go back the next day. They really like their camp instructors and excitedly told about what they did and learned each day.”

“We were well pleased when we heard Ashley singing new Christian songs from her heart!”