Sunday At Pine Prairie

After a break week for the interns, AAKP is in full swing again!  We are so excited to see what God does during this week.  We are at First Baptist Church Pine Prairie, and are enjoying some good southern hospitality!  The campers came to camp for a short two hours, but in that time they learned a lot.  They impressed us with how quickly they picked up the dance moves, and made us smile with their jokes.  The kids also got an introduction to the Bible stories they will be learning about throughout the week.  We can’t wait to teach them more and have another great week of camp!

Delta Force Out!


Camper quote of the day-

Miss Jen: Peter, Andrew, and James and John were disciples.

Camper: Miss Jen, I don’t know what that is.

Miss Jen: They were Jesus’ followers.

Camper: Oh.  That I know.