Hosting a 2018 Camp

In 2018 we begin our seventeenth year of sharing the gospel with children through the performing arts! LAMPLIGHT ARTISTS produced the first AAKP camp in the summer of 2002, a camp of fifty children in Columbia, Maryland. At the end of summer 2016 we will have been privileged to work with well over 10,000 children, volunteers, and professional staff.

We are praying for you as you review and consider hosting a production camp in your community in the summer of 2018.  Should you have questions, please give us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Del Morgan
President and CEO

Production Camp Dates
June 17-22                    July 8-13                   July 22-27
June 24-June 29         July 15-20                  July 29-Aug 3 __________________________________________________________

Please watch our Church Host information video

Partnering With You

From it’s earliest days All About Kids Productions has been envisioned as a partnership event with the local church.  Our goal is to introduce kids to Christ AND to introduce them to a community of believers. A place where faith can be nurtured and grow long after the week of camp has come and gone. Designed for kids entering grades 2-8 and led by a four member artistic team from LAMPLIGHT ARTISTS, AAKP provides an exciting addition to any church’s summer outreach program.

Kids love it because it is high-energy and kid-oriented fun! Parents and church staff love it because it provides a highly interactive environment where kids explore Biblical truth.  And because it is held locally — on the church campus — it provides a great community outreach to kids, their friends, and families!

Lamplight Artists’ AAKP Team

Each year LAMPLIGHT ARTISTS awards internships to college students and young professionals who exhibit a love for God and a passion for the performing arts.  We help these young artists develop the skills, practices, attitudes, and dependence on Christ necessary to utilize their artistic gifts in communicating the Gospel.   Our goal is to help them see children and the arts through Christ’s eyes, and to develop a heart for ministry while gaining practical experience in theatrical production.

Housing and transportation will be needed 
The four member AAKP team will need to arrive on the church campus by 7:30 AM each morning and should return home each afternoon at approximately 6:00 PM.  Schedules will vary due to after camp solo auditions, lighting set-up, and additional small group rehearsals.

Because of the rigorous camp schedule, housing accommodations should be such that our staff will be able to rest and get a good night’s sleep.  Breakfast and lunch should be served on campus.


Effective program planning and execution always involves a team and plenty of teamwork.  Here are the leadership positions you will need to fill to produce an exciting and well-run ALL ABOUT KIDS PRODUCTIONS camp:

Our staff refers to your director as the LCD (Local Church Director). This person assumes the most critical leadership role for your team. He/She is responsible for staff recruitment and organization … and most importantly, the spirit and character of the camp.  During the week of camp the LCD will work directly with the AAKP Team and will be responsible for coordinating the efforts of the local staff on a daily basis.  A positive and competent leader with an obvious love for both God and children will make this camp soar! A leader with these qualities will have a huge impact on everyone involved.

Bible Study Teachers
Bible study leaders will be needed each day. Your LCD  will determine the number of classes and teachers required based on camp registration. (Normally 6-8 teachers)

Assist Team
Volunteers will also be needed throughout the day to assist the AAKP team.  A one-to-eight leader/student ratio is best.   It is important to have a mix of adults, high school and college students on your staff.  Adults help establish a sense of order and safety for children.  Student staff  should have completed grade 9.

A designated person to provide necessary consent, oversight, and knowledge to the AAKP team for operating the audio and/or lighting systems of your facility.

Promotional material will arrive in January.  11×16 full color posters, full color postcards, bulletin inserts, and invitations for The Friday Night Show will be included with the LCD Notebook.  Online resources will include re-sizable logos, web banner, promotional video, and parent information page.


Performance and Rehearsal Space
The stage should be large enough to accommodate a group of 50-75 children.  Creative adaptations are always in order – a representative will be glad to speak with you about space utilization.  We ask that the performance stage be cleared of all furniture and equipment prior to the team’s arrival and that it remains so for the entire week of camp.  In addition to the performance space we will need one large space (fellowship hall?), and two to four larger classrooms.  These rooms should also have adequate “open” floor space.

Three to five classrooms, based on the number of registrations and the ages of children enrolled, are needed for Bible study. The exact number will be determined by the LCD.  These classrooms can double as rehearsal space.

Lobby / Welcome Area
For Sunday registration and daily sign-in tables, display area, and parent pick-up.

Field Office / Work Space
The AAKP team will need a conveniently located room to serve as a field office for the week.  Folding chairs and several tables will provide necessary computer and tech workspace.


Student Fees
$139 per student registration fees
Host Church Finances
Confirmation Fee (non-refundable): $450 due when booking the production week
Registration Deposit (refundable): $1850  Hosting a production camp requires a minimum guarantee of 50 students.  This deposit is refundable as described below.

Booking Confirmation Fee and Registration Deposit
A confirmation fee and registration deposit serves to underscore a host church’s good faith commitments of intent and agreement. These commitments are vital to planning, staff recruitment, printing costs, and production expenses.

Booking Agreements are time sensitive. A signed hosting agreement with a $450 confirmation fee will secure the week of camp requested when returned within 10 days from receipt of invoice. The confirmation fee is non-refundable.

Registration deposits will be reimbursed to the host organization as described below

Registration deposits will be refunded and mailed to the host organization eight to ten weeks after the production camp. Refunds will be based on camp registration. A refund for the full registration deposit amount will be issued with fifty confirmed registrants.

Less than 50 registrants: If final camp registration is less than fifty students a $139 registration fee will be subtracted from the registration deposit for each student under the camp minimum.

Example using a final registration number of 48 students:
50-48=2; 2x$139=$278; $1850-$278=$1572. The refund due would be $1572.

A host organization’s obligation under this policy will not exceed the registration deposit ($1850).