Our campers survived their first full day of camp! We love the opportunity to continue connecting with them and watching them get more comfortable on stage. Today in theatre games, we turned a classic game on it’s head by playing Duck Duck Batman. The campers were delighted to have the chance to choose and move like any thing they wanted during the game. Some of the tricky ones picked slow animals like turtles or sloths. Our rehearsals were spectacular. The campers are starting to pick up on all the words and motions. After lunch, the campers got a chance to try out their official performance tracks. The younger campers stomped around as soldiers in the Lords Army. Our older bunch got a little mix of a percussion ensemble arranged from buckets, some acting activities, and a bit of hip-hop. We’re excited to continue this week and prepare for our big show on Friday night. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to keep up with all of our camp updates! Until next time!

-Delta Moose