As the days go by it is truly remarkable to see the reward of not just our labors but that of the children. Theater games were a blast! Kids survived an airplane crashed and played an intense tournament of rock paper scissors. Dancer are almost done with their choreo and Bucket band has learned their rhythms.

The kids are warming up and finally singing above a whisper and we couldn’t be happier.



Delta Force is extremely grateful, not only for the kids but the wonderful relationship we build up with the leaders of the church, and we will always remember the time swung off trees in the backyard, ate until we were stuffed and  played and danced around the piano like something out of a summer dream.

Delta Force Out! SWEEEEEEEEP

Camper quote of the day:

Miss Jen: Who wants to pray?

Camper: Bow your head and close your eyes in reverence of the Lord