We finally got a chance to meet our awesome campers today! I think we were more excited than they were ( we’ve been waiting for this moment for the past two weeks) these awesome kiddos didn’t know what hit them. We were rewarded with a large energetic crowd of mostly older kids who have previously also done AAKP.

Veterans are so heartwarming!

Even with the intense Sunday schedule, the kids were able to follow along every step of the way. Almost mastering the group091 dance and sitting down in exhaustion at the end of the day. As we always say, a tired camper is a happy camper.

Accokeek, Delta KNOWS you’re going to have an awesome week!

Let’s get ready to learn all the Amazing fish stories!

Delta Force out!———-SWEEEEEEEEEP




Camper quote of the day:

Miss Jen: Is everybody ready?

Camper: What if you’re mildly prepared?